Welcome to CCFAC where we bring people together to learn and develop skills for their  businesses, careers, hobbies and personal development.

People may have acquired theoretical knowledge, perhaps through online courses, through their local college, or even some self study, but even blended courses don’t necessarily give you the practical skills, or the confidence to apply your knowledge in the real world. By providing business experienced consultants, coaches and tutors, CCFAC bridges this gap.

What does it mean?

We use the following definitions to describe the intention behind CCFAC:

  • Community – where we come together (Com) for a combined or common purpose (Unity). In this case, for Learning and Development.
  • College – is a group of people with particular aims.
  • Applied – which has a practical purpose or use derived, in this case, from experience.
  • Commerce – social dealings between people.

Where do we operate?

CCFAC delivers its courses, embedded within the local Community. We make use of our collective office spaces, partner venues, rented spaces for courses which require specialist equipment and even people’s homes.

How do we operate?

In addition to our pre-structured courses and accredited qualifications, we also run courses on demand, as requested by members of the Community. If you have a group of friends who require a particular course, you can ask us to bespoke a course and have it run in your home.

Please browse our courses and visit the ‘contact’ page if you wish to find out more information by speaking with us.

We look forward to working with you!