The internet is driving change, especially through the proliferation of and access to information. This has made the realm of obtaining facts and some learning much easier.

Education Organisations, like the Open University (OU) have always provided sensible, flexible and accessible qualifications and courses. Technology has been built in to the extent that it is now possible and affordable to study online through  Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC’s).

That is important because alongside the technology driven change, is a push for more personal responsibility in learning. This might be professionally through what is termed ‘Continued Professional Development’ (CPD) or usefully, through what this college terms ‘Continued Practical Application’ (CPA).

CCFAC appreciates the power of large learning opportunities to meet the needs for CPD, but believes that opportunities for CPA can be missed for some people, who like meeting face to face in community and can feel isolated from the practical application of their learning.

This might be because they:

  • Do not have access to work opportunities to put into practice their learning.
  • Are not yet confident to try the learning.
  • Like to be part of a close, local community.

CCFAC exists to supplement and enhance our students’ learning with practical experience that turns learning into knowledge.

CCFAC provides experience by having current practitioners who tutor with real life experience and case studies, or mentor within a student’s current role, or by providing actual work experience.