Basic Bookkeeping for Sole traders & Small Businesses

It’s your first year of trading, you are not an accountant, you hate numbers, you even failed maths GCSE and you have no idea what bookkeeping even is! What you do know, is that if you don’t do it, the tax man will be very unhappy with you!

Even if we have no idea how to set up and run a business when we first start out, we are all aware of a vague notion that there are some statutory things that we really need to be doing.

In this workshop we will take you through, in very simple steps, how to set up your business bookkeeping and keep it very simple. Bring your bits and pieces with you, and in the second half of the session, you will be given the time to get your current figures entered. You will leave this session with your books all current and up to date – job done!

1. Why keep books?
2. Who has to do it?
3. Different types of business
4. Step by step bookkeeping
5. You are now your own bookkeeper