Basic Business Finance for Sole Traders & Small Businesses

It’s your first year of trading and you are plagued by the vague notion that, as well as needing a plan for generating income, logging expenses and budgeting, there are also some statutory things that you need to do in order to keep the taxman happy!

In this workshop we will take you through, in very simple steps, all of the financial elements you need, for ensuring your business remains both financially viable and compliant.

If you bring some of your bits and pieces with you, we will reserve the second half of the sessions for you to work on some of your finances, in practice, with us around for guidance – sorted!

1. Taxation for small businesses and sole traders
2. Bookkeeping and Tax Returns, in practice
3. Charging for my services
4. Budgeting and completing a cash flow forecast
5. Getting my finances in order