Latest Action research into service provision – March 2017

ALF logoIn preparation for the launch of the ALF core programme, we have recently conducted a small piece of exploratory research in the Community around the service provision that people have found more or less helpful in their endeavours to move forwards in their personal and professional lives.

The research was aimed at people who had suffered with Stress; Depression; Anxiety; Trauma and/or Addiction.

The participants had accessed a broad range of services across the statutory and private sectors. For example, the NHS GP; Mental Health Services and Job Centre from statutory, and Therapy; Coaching; Counselling; Personal Development Courses and Business Coaching and Mentoring from the Private Sector.

We asked about the extent to which their engagement with different for their Emotional & Mental Health; Back to Work Process; Personal Development and Business/ Career Development had helped to achieve their outcomes in these areas.

We were not surprised to discover that around 66% of the individuals surveyed had found that their outcomes, across the board, were best achieved using Private Services. The remaining 33% had only used statutory services and found that their outcomes were not as successfully achieved. One of the reasons it is not surprising is because private organisations have the ability to provide a bespoke and individualised service. Whereas, by its nature, the statutory services have both budgetary constraints and commissioning strategies which are not often up to speed with cutting edge approaches and interventions.

In addition, we asked participants to talk about any additional services that they may find useful. Again, around 66% of participants felt that the following things would be very useful to them: Supportive Peer Groups; Meeting other likeminded people; Tools and Techniques to implement in daily life; one to one Counselling and Ongoing support.

In light of this piece of research, we can see how the ALF core programme will be beneficial to the community by delivering a more tailored and personal approach that deals with individuals’ emotional needs, as well as their personal and professional goals.  It also fulfils those functions of providing ongoing support, applied tools and techniques, as well as the opportunity to meet likeminded people, receive ongoing support and build a supportive peer group.