Communication & Presentation

In business, we need to be able to communicate and present our ideas clearly and succinctly, in order that people can understand our products or services.

Communication and presentation skills do not come naturally to everybody and so they need to be learned.Whether you are talking with someone face to face at a networking meeting or on the telephone, or you have been asked to deliver a formal presentation or pitch, there are some things that you will need to have prepared.

Many people become overwhelmed with fear and panic at the prospect of speaking with others even one to one, let alone in front of a group of people. However, your brand is you, and communicating and presenting yourself, your ideas and your business is paramount to the ultimate success of your business.

In this workshops we will be looking at some of the angst around communication and ways in which you can communicate and present yourself and your ideas.

1. Clarifying our message
2. The variety of environments in which we need to communicate
3. How to hone our message appropriately for each situation
4. Overcoming presentation angst
5. Experiencing communicating and presenting to the group