Enterprise for beginners: confidence for work, career, business, promotion


Stuck and feeling anxious about your first or next steps? Need a little enterprise?

Enterprise is defined as ‘a project or undertaking that requires boldness, energy and effort, and the starting of something new’; it might be your first job, return to work, career change, new business or a promotion.

For some of us who sometimes feel a little meek, the words ‘boldness’, ‘energy’ and ‘effort’ may create a sense of dread and lead to inaction. It might feel too much to attempt and that can leave us feeling even more stuck. It becomes a vicious cycle.

In this two day, interactive and encouraging workshop you will rediscover your confidence and build on that to:

  • state your strengths and opportunities, enabling you to:
  • set your goals (intention) and gather your focus (attention)
  • to confidently commit to a ‘breakthrough plan’ that overcomes your challenges and moves you on

During the process, in a gentle and fun way, you will find out what your attitude to risk is (and set your plans with that in mind), look at the way you interact with the world and describe your ‘personal brand’ (a simple statement of what is important to you and how you present yourself).

The programme concludes with a reminder of all the factors that lead to being emotionally resilient and bounce back – see https://positiveways.co.uk/emotional-resilience

You can then confidently go forward, under your own steam or with the help of a coach.


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Keith and Emma are qualified Coaches, Counsellors, Psychologists and experienced Senior Managers, Business Owners and Trainers.

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