From Burdened or Bored to Balance and Flow: Reducing Distress and optimising Eustress

This one-day interactive workshop looks at the three levels of stress and how to move from being negatively impacted by the two forms of distress and optimising ‘Eustress’ (Eu= Greek for Good)

Why is it important to take notice of new stress impact research?

We all seem to ‘know’ that stress is not good for us, right? But do we really know why, or what the real impact of it is?

Across numerous fields, stress is emerging as the major root of nearly all types of physical, emotional, and psychological ill health. We now know for certain that stress impacts every system of the body, with often devastating consequences, leading to, for example, heart disease; autoimmune diseases; cancers; chronic conditions; and psychological ill health.

About the course

This course will give you a simple understanding of the impact of stress on the human system, then show you some tools and techniques to manage and prevent distress and optimise Eustress, as well as how to identify hidden stressors that might be concealed in our emotional and psychological patterns.

All in all, this is a fascinating and challenging course that draws on the latest scientific research, and teaches original and innovative solutions to life stress.


You will:

  • Receive a workbook that accompanies the course material
  • Gain insight into the most current research that has changed our understanding of the impact of stress
  • Gain knowledge, tools, and techniques that you can implement in your own life and pass on to others
  • Understand how to identify hidden stress
  • Be able to optimise Eustress to achieve your personal and professional goals
  • Be eligible to claim a follow-up peer mentoring/ therapeutic coaching session o consolidate your work on the day


Who is it for?

  • People in business needing to gain CPD
  • Those wishing to build a firm foundation in their lives for personal/ professional success
  • Those who want some clarity, motivation, and purpose in life
  • Professionals who want to learn new tools, techniques, and theoretical material to share with clients
  • Those wanting entry into peer professional accredited qualifications

Course fee

The course runs from 10am to 4pm and is £97.00 inclusive of VAT, lunch/refreshment £10 voucher, course workbook, and a follow-up peer coaching session with Emma.