HITAP Course – Healthy Intentions to Action Planning

Background to the HITAP

The HITAP was borne out of a piece of research undertaken by Emma Jaynes, looking at the reasons why people whom are generally successful in their lives, sometimes get ‘stuck’, when it comes to achieving some of their life goals and aspirations.

Although there were inevitably some emotional or psychological barriers to achieving them, e.g. fear around career change or self-worth challenges around relationships, that sometimes need unpicking, people were generally getting stuck in the gap between Intention and Action. That is, they were able to create lovely intentions and plans, but were struggling to carry them out.

What is it?

The HITAP is a tool designed to bridge the gap between Intention and Action, whilst deploying some original psychological tools and innovative material, that help to resolve some of the emotional barriers the success.

It also builds in accountability planning, drawing on peer collectives, and tools to ensure your daily life has structure and reminders in place for what to do when you day isn’t going to plan, you feel stuck or overwhelmed, or are veering off track with your life plans.

The HITAP course

The HITAP course is a short course designed to show you how to complete the HITAP and use it as a working document. The day gives you the opportunity to begin completing it in the company of others with whom you can discuss your ideas and receive feedback. Thus, it is a very dynamic and interactive day.

In addition, you will gain an understanding of some of the theoretical models underpinning the HITAP which may be particularly useful and interesting if you work with people whom might benefit from your fresh insights. However, it is an opportunity for you to give some time and attention to yourself, connect with others in a community collective environment, and learn new personal development tools.

Benefits of the day.

You will:

  • Receive a full colour 25-page HITAP booklet
  • Learn how to complete the HITAP and pass on what you have learned to others
  • Understand the psychological theories and tools behind the HITAP
  • Gain the motivation and accountability to achieve personal and professional goals
  • Be entitled to one follow up peer mentoring or therapeutic coaching session included in the ticket price
  • Receive a £10 voucher which can be offset towards your lunch and refreshments in the venue

Who is it for?

  • Professionals who work in a supportive role in the community
  • Those in a coaching or therapeutic role who wish to learn innovative tools and up to date psychological insights
  • People wishing to gain some clarity, motivation, and accountability for their personal and professional goals or vision
  • Those wishing or needing to gain Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for professional or work roles

Course Fee

The course runs from 10am to 4pm and is £97.00 inclusive of VAT, a Full Colour 25 page HITAP booklet, Refreshments/Lunch £10 voucher, and a follow-up peer coaching session with Emma.

Your Facilitator

Emma Jaynes is an experienced facilitator, teacher, psychology researcher, and peer coach who has worked in frontline health services, local community, and businesses, teaching, supporting, and coaching people to grow and develop. She has developed, and writes about, an original psychological theory called Dynamic Experiential Narrative Theory (DENT©) which underpins the accredited Diploma level courses she has created and teaches, up to levels 4&5 Peer Mentoring and Coaching and beyond. Attendees on her courses find her very knowledgeable, energetic, inspirational, humourous, and supportive.