Improve Your Sleep : Strengthen Your Resilience


When life’s stresses and strains become overwhelming it is not surprising that our sleep can too often become disrupted. Conversely, it can sometimes be the case that disrupted sleep can cause us to feel unable to manage life’s stresses and strains. In everyday terminology, it can become a ‘chicken and egg’ situation – i.e. is disrupted sleep causing emotional overwhelm, or is our emotional overwhelm causing sleep disruption?

Whichever the case may be, it is widely understood that sleep is vital to the optimum functioning of our minds in daily life, our work performance and our general physical, mental and emotional health.

Even if we are normally fairly resilient people, sleep disruption can test our resilience. We need to improve our sleep in order to ensure that our resilience is robust enough to support us consistently in daily life and especially through life’s challenges.

Throughout this programme you will:

  • Identify how sleep issues may be impacting on your mental/emotional health; physical health; performance at work; relationships and stress levels
  • Find solutions and learn tools/techniques for improving sleep
  • Create a plan to improve your sleep and hence your overall health and wellbeing; relationships; work and stress levels.

The programme will take you through three stages:

Part 1 – Understanding and Information

  • Explore the root causes of your poor sleep
  • Understand why the right type of sleep is important
  • Demystify some of the common beliefs about sleep
  • Learn about the Human Givens approach of ‘needs’ and ‘resources’ and how these can help you
  • Complete an audit of your needs

Part 2 – Sleep Environment, beliefs and habits

  • Assess current sleeping habits
  • Review personal sleep environment
  • Understand factors that enable sleep
  • Begin to create personal sleep plan

Part 3 – Getting calm

  • Understand the different sleep states of SWS (Slow Wave Sleep) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement)
  • Understand the value of the dreaming state
  • Learn tools for getting calm
  • Guided Visualisation, 7/11 breathing & Mindfulness
  • Review and commit to your personal plan of action

At Positive Ways, we use a number of tools which have been widely researched in the field of sleep psychology, and we carry out our own psychology research into sleep and resilience. Our programmes are therefore underpinned by the most recent research in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and coaching.


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