Level 4 Peer Mentor Diploma

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The Level 4 Peer Mentor Diploma is taught via a blended approach using a combination of: Classroom based learning; Self-Study; Online Study; Practical role-play in real life peer group settings; case studies; and reflective practice.

The programme is made up of 12 units, each of which can be taken as a standalone course.

To gain the Level 4 qualification, you must first have completed all of the Level 3 units, and then all of the Level 4 units. However, you can stake the units in whichever order you choose and gain a CPD certificate after each unit.

The Level 4 Units and Learning Outcomes are listed in the table below:

Inter-View – Why do others matter?Examine the concepts of ‘otherness’ and ‘difference’
Compare and Contrast the broad variety of ‘systems’ to which you might belong, or within which you have to function and communicate
Analyse and evaluate the importance of the attributes of altruism, empathy, and compassion, to peer mentoring
Master the art of non-judgemental questioning
Inter-View – Spare Capacity to HelpIntegrate emotional resilience into their life and work
Examine the importance of implementing healthy personal and professional boundaries and protecting your spare capacity
Value the importance of understanding and working with emotions and emotional intelligence
Plot the route from mutuality to inter-view on the peer coaching tree, building on your work on the peer confidante course
Self-View – Taking responsibilityDemonstrate the principles of self-efficacy in life and work
Discover how our innate resources strengthen self-efficacy and enable us to get our needs met
Integrate the Cycle of Adeption into your life and work
Self-View -Telling Your StoryPrepare an account of the DENT view on lived experience and narrative
Apply the DENT approach to storytelling
Life-View – From the Canyon, Plateau and Mountain through meaningExamine the concepts of meaning, motivation, and pragmatic spirituality
Discover the meaning of certainty vs uncertainty and the importance of risk profiles and management in peer mentoring
Integrate the seven levels to service
Life-View -Leading YourselfDemonstrate personal awareness, competence, internal and external cohesion, which provide a firm foundation for life and work
Apply Motivational Interviewing techniques and outline the ‘time to think’ process to peer mentoring
Purposeful Mental Wellbeing (MWb)Summarise the key aspects of MWb and identify when to refer to support services.
Name, identify & explain the key areas that create angst and which mental health services place labels on.
Describe the difference between and advantages of the ‘Illness’. ‘Recovery’ and ‘Purposefulness’ models.
Integrate the key components of purposeful health into your own life.
Communicating Emotionally with EaseDescribe and be able to identify the value of the Four Base emotions.
Your instinctive responses (that can make you feel stupid)
The roles of interrelating with others and communicating appropriately.
The 10 aspects of the Emotional Capital Model that lead to emotional mastery
Navigating and Resolving ConflictLearning Outcomes to be confirmed
Transformational StoriesUnderstand ways in which you have constructed your story and how that is different to a narrative
Describe the power of assumptions, facts, and rational beliefs that underpin your story, and how that affects your thoughts, behaviour, and attitude.
Demonstrate The five elements of a good story in action.
Deliver and tell an empowering story for now, and into the future, that inspires you and others.
Sleeping & Dreaming WellIdentify how poor sleep may be impacting your mental, emotional, & physical health, performance at work, relationships, and stress levels
Explain why the right type of sleep is important and demystify some of the common myths about sleep and the importance of dreams
Find solutions and learn tools/ techniques for improving sleep, looking at your sleep environment, beliefs, and habits
Create a plan to improve your sleep and hence your overall health and wellbeing, relationships, work, and stress levels
Pragmatic SpiritualityUnderstand the value of a personal spirituality for enabling you to cope with the mystery of life (VUCA)
Demonstrate how a having clear idea of meaning (that is that Life makes good sense) enables you to be an adept in life.
Identify the ways in which purposefulness and mutuality underpin a contented, confident life.
For more details, please see the Level 4 qualification specification

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