Level 5 Peer Coach Diploma

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The Level 5 Peer Mentor Diploma is taught via a blended approach using a combination of: Classroom based learning; Self-Study; Online Study; Practical role-play in real life peer group settings; case studies; and reflective practice.

The programme is made up of 12 units, each of which can be taken as a standalone course.

To gain the Level 5 qualification, you must first have completed all of the Level 3 and Level 4 units, and then all of the Level 5 units. However, you can stake the units in whichever order you choose and gain a CPD certificate after each unit.

The Level 5 Units and Learning Outcomes are listed in the table below:

Co-Education & Co-operation – Key theories, concepts & ideasSynthesise the different learning theories and articulate their personal approach
Co-Education & Co-Operation – Getting ready and onsideNaturalise the co-education and co-operation process into personal learning theory
Describe the importance of using the right verbs when setting goals.
Distinguish between Single Loop and Double Loop learning and explain the importance of Scaffolding.
Explain the concept of transformational learning and describe its links with Life Seeker and Life Achiever and VUCA.
Co-Action & Co-Reflection – Plan, Do, CheckInternalise co-action and co-reflection
Agree action with peers and plan to reflect together.
Demonstrate a variety of reflective practices.
Co-Action & Co-Reflection – Deeper learning for transformationSynthesise the two concepts together with a focus on reflective practice
Discuss and distinguish between refection in action and refection on action
Explain the Time to Think process.
Co-Progression – Getting better and betterArticulate how their coaching process has evolved and reflect on how they will continue to evolve and improve.
Demonstrate the Time to Think Process in action
Co-Progression – Staying StoicNaturalise the qualities of a peer coach
Express in a reflection how the peer coach works with VUCA.
Introduction to the 5 Ds of the LifeAchiever ModelDescribe the six coaching steps from defying values through to delivering success.
Audit and narrate your progress on the six elements of being a Life Achiever.
Explore and explain the core elements of being a self-leader.
DreamDevelop and articulate a clear vison for the future based on your purpose and consistent with your values.
Explain your mission and purpose.
Identify and express your core values
DecideIdentify and rank your internal gifts, skills and talents (GST)
Match your GST to the mission and demonstrate Decision making in action.
Audit your beliefs and ensure that they are enabling.
DesignPresent a plan that moves your towards achieving your vision, mission and goals
Link and describe how the plan is reinforced by your narrative.
Be able to express your future narrative with ease.
DriveRehearse you new positive ways and explain how you will make things happen.
Engage with your peer support network and gather additional external resources to enable your success.
Demonstrate how to SHAPE and deliver an Adept approach to your actions.
DevelopReflect and Record how you have confidently coped with VUCA
For more details of the Level 5 Peer Coach Diploma, please see the qualification specification

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