Project Management

Whether you are about to take on a large commissioned project as a contractor, or you are planning your own events, workshops or courses, you will need to be organised.

We can become anxious and worried about project deadlines, and even freeze to the spot when we don’t know where to start. Procrastination can be a real issue, especially when we are self employed and setting our own deadlines.

This workshop gives us the opportunity to look at how we are organsing ourselves, how to beat procrastination and set our goals and intentions. We may be able to indentify repeat patterns that are hindering us and learn how to create new and  more efficient and effective ways of working and managing our projects.

1. What are my projects?
2. Overcoming obstacles and angst
3. Setting our intentions or goals
4. Focusing our attention and taking action
5. Leaving with a plan of action