Resilience in Action

This is a condensed version of the New ERA© programme, created by the originators of the Positive Ways DENT© philosophy.

ALF’s aim is to create sustainable and healthy communities through intentional peering. In other words, by passing on skills and knowledge needed to bring communities together through running peering collectives and courses.

For communities to be sustainable and healthy the individuals, families, businesses, and groups within it need to be resilient. In fact, it is fundamental.

About the course

The resilience in Action course will introduce you to the Positive Ways ‘Embrace resilience in Action’ (ERA©) model, which takes us from being stuck in the red, where we may be feeling ‘not good enough’ through to green, where we are resilient, purposeful, and resourceful.

We look at the five domains of a resilient and health life: physical; emotional; psychological; social; and spiritual, and the essential human needs within each domain, that affect our health, adversely, if they are unmet.

The day is dynamic and interactive and will teach you a few original and innovative tools that cannot be found elsewhere.

The information gained on this course can be passed on in the community to others and may be particularly useful to those whose work involves people.


You will:

  • Receive a workbook that accompanies the course material
  • Gain an understanding of the DENT© (Dynamic Experiential Narrative Theory) approach
  • Understand situations in terms of our needs and how to deploy innate resources effectively
  • Learn how to complete a DENT© Essential Human Needs Appraisal (EHNA)
  • Learn how to move through change calmly, using the Cycle of Adeption ©
  • Identify strengths and build on successes
  • Envisage and tell an empowering story about your current and future life
  • Gain access to a wider collective of peers working together to create sustainable and healthy communities
  • Receive a follow up peer mentoring/ therapeutic coaching session included in the ticket price

Who is it for?

  • People in business needing to gain CPD
  • Those wishing to build a firm foundation in their lives for personal/ professional success
  • Those who want some clarity, motivation, and purpose in life
  • Professionals who want to learn new tools, techniques, and theoretical material to share with clients
  • Those wanting entry into peer professional accredited qualifications

Course Fee

The course runs from 10am to 4pm and is £97 inclusive of VAT, a £10 lunch/refreshments voucher, and a follow-up peer coaching session with your facilitator.

A portion of the profits go to the Adept Living Foundation CIC supporting them to Create Sustainable and Healthy Communities.