The Mindful Business

The term ‘Mindfulness’ has become synonymous with a very specific style of meditation practice and programme devised by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 90s. Mindfulness has since become mainstream within popular ‘spirituality’.

The benefit of this is that a lot of research expenditure has been allocated to it and shown that adopting a mindful attitude has great benefits to our general wellbeing and also to business.

In this workshop, we combine a variety of approaches to the discussion on Mindful Business and demonstrate techniques drawn from various methods, including: The Human Givens approach; self-hypnosis; 12 step principles; Mindfulness (Buddhist) and guided visualisation.

We demonstrate how, by living a calm life, our businesses become and extension of us and enable us to deliver quality services which care for people and the planet. It also enables us to create resilience within ourselves and our businesses ensuring that our businesses are sustainable.

1. Demystifying Mindfulness
2. Gaining and maintaining calm in our lives
3. The importance of emotional intelligence : ie self awareness and empathy
4. Some of the models
5. Living Mindfully